Top Working and Secure Kodi Builds for 2024: A Comprehensive List (2024)

For those new to Kodi and looking for an efficient way to dive in, utilizing Kodi builds is a fantastic starting point to familiarize yourself with the software. We have rigorously tested various Kodi builds to guarantee their current functionality and availability for installation. Kodi builds offer a practical approach to quickly gain access to a wide range of Kodi plugins, tools, and additional features. Moreover, they come with an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation, enhancing your overall Kodi experience.

Top Working and Secure Kodi Builds for 2024: A Comprehensive List (2)

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1.CrewNique Kodi Build

Claiming the top spot on our list of the Best Kodi 19 Builds is the CrewNique Kodi Build.

CrewNique can be found within the Crew Repository, which is also home to TROYPOINT’s #1 Kodi addon recommendation, The Crew.

This build is exceptionally speedy and offers a variety of popular categories to choose from, including Movies, TV Shows, Sports, IPTV, Ghosts, Chains, Apps, Systems, and many more.

Installation URL:

2. Misfit Mods Lite

MisFit Mods Lite stands out as one of the most visually appealing Kodi modifications available. Upon launch, it greets users with an eye-catching loading screen, and its entire design follows a highly specialized format that simplifies access to Kodi’s finest features.

You can locate this build within the MisFit Mods Wizard. If you’re installing it on a resource-constrained device, such as the Amazon Firestick, be sure to opt for the “Lite” version, clearly indicated in the title of this section. Even with the Lite version, the build may exhibit slower loading times due to its thematic enhancements, so it’s crucial to select the version that best suits your device’s capabilities.

Categories available in this build encompass Movies, TV Shows, Real-Debrid, Sports, Kids Zone, Music, Fan Favs, My Addons, and Library.

Installation URL:

3. DaButcher

At the moment, DaButcher offers a limited selection of builds tailored for Kodi 18, specifically one build named Chameleon for Kodi 19. Despite the relatively small number of builds, they maintain a level of quality that rivals the other options featured in this compilation.

DaButcher’s builds are designed to be compatible with all Kodi devices, including popular choices like FireStick and Android TV.

Categories encompassed within these builds span across Sports, Movies, TV, Favorites, and 1-Clicks, ensuring a diverse range of content options for users.

Installation URL:

4. Atomic Matrix

Atomic Matrix stands as a third-party Kodi build, hailing from the renowned Misfit Mods Wizard, which also serves as the source for the popular Misfit Mods Lite build. This build is designed to provide users with an elegantly streamlined interface, ensuring seamless navigation. Upon launching, Atomic Matrix promptly showcases trending content directly on its home screen, granting swift access to video addons categorized based on the user’s preferences.

One of the noteworthy features of the Atomic Matrix Kodi build is its lightweight nature, ensuring a smooth performance, even on devices with modest specifications. This build is exceptionally user-friendly with a remote-friendly design, making it an ideal choice for FireStick and Android TV users. Moreover, it extends its compatibility to smartphones and computers, catering to a wide range of devices and preferences.

Categories included in Atomic Matrix encompass Movies, TV Series, Sports, Music, Real Debrid, Kids, and Library, offering a comprehensive array of content options to suit various tastes and interests.

Installation URL:

5. Luxray

Luxray emerges as a Kodi Build sourced from the Stream Digital Wizard, offering users a straightforward interface complemented by a quick-access menu and well-defined categories. Featured content and addons are prominently displayed on the home screen, ensuring convenient access to the latest offerings. Whether you seek additional options or prefer to explore the extensive content selection, Luxray’s user-friendly design makes navigation effortless.

One of Luxray’s standout qualities is its versatility, as it seamlessly operates on all Kodi-compatible devices. Whether you have a FireStick, Android TV, mobile device, PC, or any other supported platform, Luxray ensures a smooth and consistent performance across the board.

Luxray’s diverse content library spans various categories, including Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Horror, Stand Up Comedy, Kids, IPTV, USTV GO, 1 Click, Sports, and Adult, providing an extensive array of choices to cater to a wide range of preferences and interests.

Installation URL:

6. Game On Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 20

This sports-centric Kodi build is optimized for Kodi 20 and excels in live sports streaming and more.

Game On is a lean and efficient build designed exclusively for live TV and sports content, offering a comprehensive range of sporting categories. You’ll discover sections dedicated to major sports like basketball, baseball, football, MMA, NCAA, wrestling, and more.

In addition to live sports coverage, Game On provides highlights and replays, ensuring you catch every thrilling moment of the action. Categories include The Endzone, The Loop, Rising Tides, The Crew, Century, Asgard, Apex Sports, and many others.

Installation URL:

7. Pronto Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 20

Pronto, an all-encompassing Kodi Build, provides a wealth of live streaming choices along with an extensive VOD (Video on Demand) library.

Users will appreciate the sleek and contemporary interface that offers previews of content across categories like Movies, TV Shows, and Sports.

Pronto incorporates some of the best live TV Kodi Addons, such as The Loop and Mad Titan, for seamless sports streaming experiences.

Furthermore, Pronto ensures that Movies and TV Shows are readily accessible, whether you have a real-debrid account or not. Categories include Movies, TV Shows, The Hub, LiveSport, Favourites, Addons, Settings, Wizard, and Exit.

Installation URL:

8. Simplex Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 19

Hailing from the CMan repository, here’s another renowned build compatible with a wide range of devices.

Simplex harnesses the power of popular addons to source top-quality links for your streaming pleasure.

Its user-friendly interface offers a seamless experience across a variety of categories, including Live TV, Sports, Kids, Wizards, Movies, TV Shows, Power, and more.

Installation URL:

Using real-debrid is the best way to stream content within Kodi. If you have this service, you may want to consider one of the options below.

1. Franks Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 20

Franks is a renowned build with a long-standing reputation in the Kodi community.

Originally designed for Kodi 18 and 19 users, it has recently received an update to ensure seamless compatibility with Kodi 20 Nexus.

Franks relies on premium addons like FEN, Ghost, Homelander, Crackle, and more to deliver high-definition streaming links, catering to users seeking top-notch quality.

This build is particularly suitable for real-debrid users who can effortlessly integrate this service with the Franks Kodi Build.

In addition to its vast VOD content library, Franks also provides live TV options, featuring streaming channels from various Kodi Live Addons across categories such as Movies, Series, Live TV, and System.

Installation URL:

2. POVico Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 20

If you’re in search of an exceptionally fast and lightweight Kodi Build tailored for Movies and TV Shows, POVico emerges as an excellent choice.

This Build is optimized for Kodi 20, utilizing the POV Kodi addon to deliver streaming content.

POV is a derivative of the FEN Kodi Addon, harnessing the power of real-debrid to offer high-definition links, including 1080p & 4K quality.

Remarkably compact at just 6 MB in size, POVico is exceptionally lightweight and compatible with a wide range of Kodi devices, including the Firestick Lite, ONN Box, and more. Categories within this build encompass Movies, TV Shows, Genre, Premieres, Trending, Years, Favorites, Add-ons, and more.

Installation URL:

3. Element Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 19

Element is a fresh Kodi build designed to function seamlessly on any Kodi 19-compatible device of your choice.

What sets Element apart is its compatibility with Kodi 19, ensuring that it comes equipped with pre-installed addons that align perfectly with this version.

For comprehensive details about Element, including step-by-step installation instructions, please refer to our tutorial below. Categories available within Element encompass Movies, TV Shows, Settings, Addons, and more.

Installation URL:

4. Trancendant Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 19

The Trancendant Kodi Build is a recent addition found within the cMaN Repository, which also houses a selection of other remarkable builds featured in this list.

Inside the Trancendant build, you’ll discover various categories catering to different preferences, including Movies, TV Shows, Free, Kids, Sports, Live TV, Favourites, and more. These categories encompass Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Kids, Free, Sports, Favourites, and more.

Installation URL:

Below, you’ll find a compilation of the top builds for accessing free links without the need for a real-debrid account.

1. Klix Free Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 20

Kodi 20 users seeking a simple method to stream on-demand content without relying on real-debrid will appreciate the Klix Free Kodi Build.

This lightweight and speedy build offers an extensive library of Movies and TV Shows in an intuitive layout.

Klix Free incorporates well-known Kodi addons like Homelander, The Promise, The Crew, Ghost, and others.

One notable feature of Klix Free is its capability to stream content independently of real-debrid integration.

It still offers a plethora of links, with most delivering high-definition streaming at 720p and 1080p.

Categories encompass Movies, TV Shows, 4K Releases, Trending, Genres, Browse, Discover, Trakt TV, and more.

Installation URL:

2. Onyx Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 20

Onyx stands as an all-encompassing Kodi Build that eliminates the necessity for a real-debrid or similar resolver account.

Its repertoire boasts a multitude of category choices, many of which offer auto-play functionality, ensuring swift access to content.

What’s particularly impressive is the seamless performance of the Live TV section, which grants uninterrupted access to a plethora of channels, devoid of buffering interruptions. Categories span across Movies, TV, Genres, Sports, Live TV, Settings, Wizard, and Power.

Installation URL:

3. Xontrix Gratis Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 20

Ontrix Gratis is a high-performing Kodi Build that operates seamlessly without the need for real-debrid or any premium resolving service.

This Build harnesses the capabilities of impressive Kodi addons such as Scrubs V2, The Crew, Homelander, Rising Tides, and Magic Dragon, among others.

Within its extensive content repository, you’ll find a wealth of Video-on-Demand (VOD) material encompassing Movies and TV Shows, all of which stream in high definition, boasting resolutions of 720p and 1080p.

Categories within Ontrix Gratis span Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Live TV, Sports, Music, System, and more.

Installation URL:

4. Cosmic One Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 19

The Cosmic One Kodi Build, a fresh addition to The Crew repository, offers a range of quality builds.

Inside the Cosmic One build, you’ll discover various categories to explore, including Movies, TV Shows, Non-Debrid, 1-Clicks, Trakt, 4K, Kids, Favourites, and Settings.

Categories available within Cosmic One encompass Movies, TV Shows, 1-Clicks, 4K, Kids, Sport/Live, Favourites, Trakt, and Settings.

Installation URL:

5. Elite Kodi Build

Available for Kodi 19

The Elite Kodi Build, a recent creation by cMaN, the developer behind several other outstanding builds featured earlier, offers a variety of categories.

Within the Elite build, you’ll find categories such as Non-RD, Family, Favorites, Add-ons, Live/Sports, Settings, and more.

Categories available in the Elite build encompass Non-RD, Favorites, Family, Live/Sports, Addons, Settings, and more.

Installation URL:

6. Chameleon Kodi Build

Chameleon, a fantastic Kodi build compatible with Kodi 19, offers a streamlined and efficient experience.

This build boasts an easy-to-navigate interface and provides an abundance of top-notch links across various categories.

For optimal performance, Chameleon is ideally paired with real-debrid, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

Categories within Chameleon encompass Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, 1 Clicks, Kids, Sports, and more.

Installation URL:

Top Working and Secure Kodi Builds for 2024: A Comprehensive List (2024)
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