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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Broken Arrow | Growers Choice Seeds (1)

Straight talk about cannabis seeds for Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

We’ll refrain from making any reference to the ‘90s action filmBroken Arrowas we talk to you about cannabis seeds in Broken Arrow. Why are we talking about cannabis seeds? Well, marijuana can have real therapeutic benefits. Growing marijuana plants at home for personal use is something more and more people are doing. Hey, why not start with a few and see if it works for you? Maybe it will become your new thing. For starters, let us show you in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma five of Growers Choice’s top cannabis seed strains.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Broken Arrow


Ghost Train Haze feminized cannabis seeds

High sativa and THC combine in Ghost Train Haze marijuana for a cerebral experience that soothes, relaxes for a euphoric, energizing experience. This strain is best grown by those with at least intermediate experience.


No. 2

Island Sweet Skunk feminized cannabis seeds

Let the sunshine into your life with Island Sweet Skunk marijuana, a high-yielding hybrid that energizes and invigorates the body and mind. A taste of the island life in Norman, Oklahoma.


No. 3

Lamb’s Bread feminized cannabis seeds

Lamb’s Bread marijuana will bring a touch of the Caribbean to your day no matter where you are. A euphoria-driven sativa, this strain will get your creative juices flowing.


No. 4

Laughing Buddha feminized cannabis seeds

An energizing treat for the senses, Laughing Buddha marijuana is a moderately-potent and pleasant strain that is easy in the garden and will imbue your thoughts with peace and happiness.


No. 5

Candy Kush Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds

Enjoy the deep indica-driven relaxation of Candy Kush Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds. Easy to grow and quick to harvest, some users report this strain is helpful in soothing inflammation and eases chronic pain—although results will vary from person to person.


Cannabis laws in Oklahoma

Some serious laws were broken in the movieBroken Arrow. OK, that’s the one reference, we promise. Using marijuana illegally isn’t as serious, but running afoul of the law can cause problems. Will that be the case if you are growing cannabis plants and using marijuana in Oklahoma?

As long as you have a medical marijuana license, you’re in the clear. Medical marijuana is legal in the state. With your license, you are allied to have six mature plants and six seedlings at a home. In terms of personal use, that’s about all you really need at once anyway. While you can have plenty of seeds on hand, you don’t want your plants going to waste.

Most Popular Cannabis Seed Strains

  • Jack Herer Strain Feminized Seeds126From Just: $39
  • Amnesia Seeds130From Just: $46
  • Diesel Seeds128From Just: $39
  • Afghan Autoflower Seeds143From Just: $32

See all our Cannabis Seeds

How to get cannabis seeds in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

What should you do if you want seeds for one or more of our cannabis seed strains? Just pay a visit to our website. Find the strains you want and then order them through our website. Really, it’s that easy.

Whatever strains you choose, the seeds will have been lab tested for quality. They will also come with a germination guarantee. That means if your seeds don’t germinate you aren’t left in the lurch. We have you covered.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Broken Arrow | Growers Choice Seeds (15)

Cannabis delivery for Oklahoma

Don’t settle for “OK,” even though you are in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Growers Choice Seeds delivers! When the wind is whipping down the plains in the middle of winter, you’ll be glad you didn’t have to leave your home to get your cannabis seeds. Feel free to ask us any questions you have!

Rated 5 out of 5

I get a lot of relief from using marijuana. I’m glad I have access to it, and I am also growing my own plants these days. The plants are doing really well and I’m going to be able to harvest them soon. I can’t wait!

Charles K., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Popular Cannabis Seeds

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  • Grapefruit Seeds85From Just: $39
  • Willy’s Wonder Seeds14From Just: $39
  • SalePurple Princess Seeds20From Just: -16%$39
  • Bruce Banner Seeds32From Just: $43
  • peoples choice Mac 1 Autoflower Seeds76From Just: $29
  • Recently AddedGorilla Cookies Seeds Autoflower Seeds87From Just: $37
  • SalePhantom OG Seeds9From Just: -16%$39
  • Presidential OG Autoflower Seeds19From Just: $36
  • Recently AddedBanana Runtz Seeds107From Just: $37
  • Maui Autoflower Seeds14From Just: $29
  • Cheese Autoflower Seeds129From Just: $32

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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Broken Arrow | Growers Choice Seeds (2024)


What is the quickest cannabis seed to grow? ›

Early Skunk: Early Skunk is a hybrid strain that offers a balance between fast-flowering traits and high yields. It has a flowering time of around 7-8 weeks and produces robust and resinous buds. Speedy Chile: Speedy Chile is another fast-flowering strain that can be ready for harvest in just 7 weeks.

What seedbank has the best genetics? ›

A quick look at 2024's best cannabis seed companies
  • Seed Supreme.
  • DNA Genetics.
  • Royal Queen Seeds.
  • Homegrown Cannabis Co.
  • Cookies Seed Bank.
  • Premium Cultivars.
  • Recommended product: Do-si-dos.
Apr 12, 2024

What do the best cannabis seeds look like? ›

To produce a good cannabis yield, look for seeds with a dark brown, nearly black-like deep color with light-colored stripes on them. Moreover, go for ones that have a slight shine to them. Additionally, be on the lookout for fungus; it is like a powdery white substance on the top of the seed.

What is Top 44 feminized seeds? ›

Description. Top 44 by Fantaseeds is a feminised cannabis seed that has its origins in the cross of a Skunk #1 and a classic Dutch strain known as "Viking". It is a rather small, sturdy and compact marijuana plant with mid-sized leaves that yields abundant big, compact and resinous buds all over its body.

What seed grows really fast? ›

Radish Seeds

In fact, radishes germinate quickly and can produce an edible plant in about 30 days! Radishes need a lot of sunlight for germination and growth and may be transferred to bigger pots. Your children will love watching their radishes grow, and they will love making something tasty even more.

What is the fastest method of growing cannabis? ›

What is the fastest method of growing cannabis? The Sea of Green (SOG) technique is often hailed as one of the fastest. By planting cannabis densely and switching plants to the flowering stage as soon as they mature, SOG can significantly reduce the overall time to harvest.

What is the highest yielding feminized? ›

Big yield
  • Pineapple OG. Feminised. Feminised. ...
  • Ice Dream Cake. Feminised. Feminised. ...
  • -20% Sour Diesel Auto. Feminised. ...
  • Cherry Punch F1. Feminised. Feminised. ...
  • Space Panda. Feminised. Feminised. ...
  • Snow Panda Fast. Feminised. Feminised. Early/fast. ...
  • Blue Dream Fast. Feminised. Feminised. Early/fast. ...
  • Blue Dream Auto. Feminised. Feminised. Autoflowering.

Do feminized seeds yield more? ›

By eliminating the presence of male plants, cultivators can focus their efforts on nurturing exclusively female plants, resulting in higher yields, reduced cultivation time, and increased consistency in genetics.

Are seed banks worth it? ›

While all the experts noted the importance of seed banks now, there is no doubt that they will play important roles in the future of agriculture. “It's all about global seed and conserving genetic diversity which is needed especially in the context of climate change,” adds Palmé.

What is the best thing to start cannabis seeds in? ›

Paper Towels

The paper towel method is a favorite for many home growers. Simply take two pieces of paper towel. Moisten them with water. Then place your pot seeds in between the two layers of moist paper towels.

How many seeds do you need for cannabis? ›

How many seeds does it take to grow weed?
Number of plants to harvestFem / Autoflower seeds neededRegular seeds needed
11 or 22 or 3
22 or 34 or 5
33 or 46 or 7
44 or 58 or 9
1 more row
Oct 27, 2023

Are bigger cannabis seeds better? ›

Big marijuana seeds usually have more energy and potential to mature fast and even produce a more fruitful harvest. You can also tell the quality of cannabis seeds by looking at their specific shapes. Pick different seeds and compare them side to side. High-quality seeds should be symmetrical or have a teardrop shape.

Should I get autoflower or feminized seeds? ›

You'll want to start off with feminized seeds if your only aim is a canopy full of colas. These seeds minimise the chances of a male turning up in the growing room. Many growers value speed above all else. If you want to harvest in as little time as possible, autoflowering seeds fit the bill.

Why are regular seeds better than feminized? ›

The choice between feminized and regular outdoor cannabis seeds depends on your specific needs and preferences as a grower. Feminized seeds offer convenience, increased yield potential, and consistent potency. On the other hand, regular seeds allow for breeding possibilities and are more cost-effective.

How long do feminised seeds last? ›

They survive for a year in an opaque material at room temperature. The figure rises to 2-3 years when the space is cold, dry, and dark. You can further prolong seed shelf life by leaving them in an opaque jar in the fridge. If the area is under 30°F and rarely disturbed, they can last 5-10 years.

What is the shortest cannabis grow time? ›

Cannabis Growth Timeline
  • Germinating: 1-7 days.
  • Seedling: 2-3 weeks.
  • Vegetative: 2-8 weeks.
  • Pre-Flowering: 1-2 weeks.
  • Flowering: 6-8 weeks.
  • Harvesting.

What are cannabis fast seeds? ›

Fast versions are F1 (first generation) hybrids between auto and photo-dependent genetics, resulting in offspring that are photoperiod-sensitive, but that will mature around 1-2 weeks earlier than their fully photo-dependent parent, thanks to the influence of the auto-flowering trait.

Which strain grows faster? ›

Physical differences between strains

Indica plants are shorter than sativa plants, and they have a woody stalk, not a fibrous one. Indica plants also grow more quickly than sativa plants.

What is the fastest growing auto flower? ›

What Is the Quickest Autoflower From Seed To Harvest? One of the fastest-growing auto-flowering strains is Sweet Gelato Auto. It typically goes from seed to harvest in seven or eight weeks when grown indoors. Gorilla Cookies and White Widow are also fast growers.

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