Magical Fun Fairy Tale Crafts for Kids - Fun Crafts Kids (2024)

What child doesn’t love fairytales?! And what a wonderful way to bring Fairy Tales to life, than to create some fairy tale crafts with your kids. Here is a fantastic set of Fairy Tale Crafts for kids, that you will love. The only problem will be which to make first!

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The magic of fairy tales is timeless. Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella are all
stories that have been told for generations but still have that magical allure. We all need a bit
of magic in our lives and these fairy-tale crafts for kids are a fun way to add a bit of sparkle
to our afternoons. We have tons of adorable ideas with cute fairy tale themes that are sure to
transform an otherwise mundane day into a magical fairy tale experience.

How can I make a fairy tale at home?

We all want to bring the magic of fairy tales into our own lives and it’s all about finding ways
to do that. With our list of crafts, though, you can experience some of that wonder in real life.
Whether its creating a puppet show with your favourite characters or making a fairy home in
your garden, you are sure to find a way to implement the magic of fairy tales into your

Toilet Paper Roll Ice Castle

This toilet paper roll ice castle is reminiscent of Frozen and the snow queen and looks
stunning with the addition of fairy lights! But even if you don’t have fairy lights, the materials
for this craft are so simple that this fairy tale art project is sure to look stunning when you’re

Goldilocks and The Three Bears Spoons

Goldilocks and the three bears is a classic fairy tale and with such an easy craft you really
cannot go wrong. Re-enact Goldilocks’ journey in your own home by putting on a puppet
show with these adorable spoon crafts or create other characters from your favourite fairy
tales. Regardless of who you choose to make, kids love these wooden spoon crafts. You’re in
for a fun packed afternoon!

Lego Mini-figure Fairy Hack

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This craft by Mama Smiles is a super fun way to upgrade a toy that you probably already have
in your home. It puts a fun fairy tale twist on your currently owned Lego mini-figures, giving
them a whole new look. Take whatever character you desire and give them some sparkle by
adding cute wings. It’s an exciting and easy way to bring some of that fairy tale joy to toys
that you already own.

DIY Fairy Tale Door

Danya Banya’s what she calls ‘invitation to the fairies’ is just so cute ans it’s so exciting for
kids! Transform a regular tree from your garden into a gorgeous little fairy home for fairies to
stay in. It gets kids outside and also makes them wonder, could yourarea really be home to

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I am afraid this is one those “inspiration” posts today, as these seriously wonderful CRAFT STICK Fairy Doors, do not come with instructions. But I HAD to share them with you, as I think they are simply the most wonderful thing EVER and I so want to make a set for our garden. I know that when my kids see these, they will be digging out the craft sticks and will be making their very own craft stick fairy doors. My daughter, would delight in also placing these fairy doors in the park for people to find! Read more and see moreAna The Mum!

Cardboard Toadstool

Barley and Birch have an adorable little cardboard toadstool craft on their website and it
provides such a cute fairy tale twist on the classic toilet paper roll craft. Nothing says fairy
tale more than a toadstool and this craft is such an adorable way to make one.

Witches Potions

Witches, potions and bubbling cauldrons, all integral parts of a fairy tale and these potions
from Science Sparks let you bring that magic into your own home. It really makes you feel
like your inside one of your favourite stories playing the evil witch or the majestic sorceress.

Three Little Pigs Toilet Roll Craft

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Another classic fairy tale and one that you can bring into your home with ease. These toilet
paper roll crafts
are always the best because it’s a material we all have in our house and
thus it’s accessible for all and with those googley eyes, the tale really comes to life!

Hansel and Gretel Secret Message

This is not only a fun one but also a craft that contains a bit of science too! Science Sparks
returns to show you how to write a secret message to hansel and Gretel. One moment it’s
there, the next it’s gone! It’s one of the few ways to truly bring that fairy tale magic into our
real lives.

Princess Fairy Tale Spoon Craft

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This Rapunzel looking art and craft is another one that uses spoons, and how great is that,
since it’s a material we’ve all had in our house at some time or another. It’s a great way to
reuse old plastic and Easy Crafts For Kids has all the instructions on how to make this cute
little fairy tale art and craft.

Fairy Peg Doll

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This is another one that requires very minimal effort and time and so is an easy craft for preschoolers and ks1 and even a fairy tale craft for toddlers. It’s a great one for teachers since
the materials needed are so simple and so you won’t spend hours cutting and sticking.

Flower Petal Fairies

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Check out these adorable little Flower Fairies. These are honestly the sweetest Flower Girl Fairies we’ve seen, and really such a lovely thing to do – wouldn’t this be such a lovely party idea too – Fairies and Pixies made from foliage – we’re smitten 🙂 Aren’t they adorable? These would make wonderful greeting cards or wall art. More info over atArtful Adventures

We love crafting and working with pressed flowers (read some great tips of pressing flowers here) at the best of times and are always on the look out for great ideas and I think these “dress up” fairies are just such an example. We are loving fairy crafts actually, and have found a little pine cone craft you’ll like too – click here for that one.

Fairy Luminaries DIY

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At this time of year, there are many WONDERFUL DIY Luminary ideas going around. There are luminaries and lanterns to suit every taste and home and background. Winter Luminaries, Doily Luminaries, child made luminaries… I thought I had seen (and shared) them all. But oh no!!!! Just take a look at this simply DARLING Fairy Luminary DIY! Aren’t they simply too precious? Actually, they make me want to reach out, open the top and let the fairies escape. Clearly these Fairy Lanterns are strictly “no touch” for the kids! How very very magical. This Fairy Crafty would be **adorable* at a Fairy Party or a Garden Party in the summer too. But are simply perfect at this time of year, when we need to brighten up the gloomy winter days! Visit Nicola Battilana for the full details!

Pinecone Rainbow Fairies

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Turn pine cones into a set of rainbow fairies! Aren’t they totally adorable?Pine Cone Rainbow Fairy Crafts for the win! We love pine cones in our house, there is something irresistibly quirky and tactile about them and yet they are always a little awkward to craft with. So I am always on the look out for new and wonderful pine cone crafts! I love how pretty and colourful these pine cone fairies are (I find all rainbow things gorgeous…).

Collecting pine cones on a country stroll can make even the most reluctant walker excited about the prospect – we call it ‘going on an adventure’ – makes it much more fun! Get out there in the countryside – you will ALL feel better about yourselves, and oh, perfect for collecting FREE craft materials too! But even if you were only to make one of these (and left the pine cone plain), I think these little fairies are darling!

VisitTwig and Toadstoolfollowfor the full Pine Cone Rainbow Fairy Crafts tutorial!

POP UP Fairy Dolls

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Here we have princesses in their castles – wouldn’t this be fun to turn them into a Rapunzel Craft, in fact – a perfect Pop Up Toy right: Princess Castles? And whenever there are shouts for “Let down your long hair”… you can pop your Rapunzel up? Or just make your princess in her castle and make up your very own fairy stories. This is a super child friendly Pop Up Toys craft too – let your child lead with the decorations and details. So sweet. So fun.

I think this would be a fantastic party craft idea too! Check out the fabulos instructions over atikat Bag!

More Fairy DIY Ideas

Or maybe browse the 40 fairy tale craft ideas and let that inspire you to great your very own unique set of ideas!!

More amazing Fairy Tale Crafts here.

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Magical Fun Fairy Tale Crafts for Kids - Fun Crafts Kids (2024)
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