Astrology Birth Chart for Taina Elg (Mar. 9, 1930) (2024)

Date of Birth: March 9, 1930

Age: 94

Birth City: Helsinki, Uusimaa

Birth Country: Finland

Lat: 60° 10’ 10” N.

Lon: 24° 56’ 8” E.

Alt: n/a

Sun Sign: Pisces

Ascendant: Cancer

Taina Elisabeth Elg is a Finnish-American actress and dancer. She has appeared on stage, television, and in film.

Taina Elg was born on March 9, 1930, in Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland. Her birth geographical coordinates are 60° 10’ 10” North latitude and 24° 56’ 8” East longitude. Taina Elg is currently 94 years old.

Astrologically, Taina Elg falls under the Sun sign of Pisces, with Cancer as her Ascendant, Cancer as her Moon sign, and Aquarius as her Black Moon Lilith sign.

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Planets represent different aspects of personality, life themes, and energies within a birth chart, influencing individual characteristics, motivations, and experiences.

Planets in Signs

Planets in a zodiac sign denote how the energies and qualities associated with those planets express themselves within the context of the themes and attributes of that particular zodiac sign.
Sun18° 7’ 7” Pisces
Moon4° 52’ 1” Cancer
Mercury29° 10’ 31” Aquarius
Venus25° 37’ 20” Pisces
Mars23° 53’ 3” Aquarius
Jupiter8° 33’ 46” Gemini
Saturn10° 23’ 53” Capricorn
Uranus10° 1’ 41” Aries
Neptune1° 46’ 10” Virgo
Pluto17° 32’ 19” Cancer
Ceres11° 23’ 1” Gemini
Chiron10° 46’ 47” Taurus
Eros19° 53’ 59” Aquarius
Hygiea22° 58’ 1” Aries
Juno20° 55’ 7” Capricorn
Pallas21° 40’ 7” Aries
Vesta1° 16’ 47” Leo
Ascendant22° 53’ 27” Cancer
Black Moon Lilith2° 32’ 7” Aquarius
Midheaven9° 45’ 9” Pisces
North Node5° 22’ 7” Taurus
South Node5° 22’ 7” Scorpio
Part of Fortune9° 38’ 21” Scorpio
Vertex1° 7’ 46” Sagittarius
Sunin Pisces18° 7’ 7”The Sun in Pisces in the Natal Chart makes you a sensitive and mystical healer. You are aligned with your subconscious wisdom and can be […] Read more » Moonin Cancer4° 52’ 1”The Moon in Cancer in the Natal Chart makes you sentimental and caring. Your soft nature emerges when interacting with children, family, and loved ones. […] Read more » Mercuryin Aquarius29° 10’ 31”Is Mercury in Aquarius good or bad? Mercury in Aquarius is an intense placement that enhances your intuition and intellect. The Aquarius Mercury placement brings […] Read more » Venusin Pisces25° 37’ 20”Pisces Venus in the Natal Chart indicates you are compassionate and have a spiritual connection to your loved ones. You are empathetic and affectionate, using […] Read more » Marsin Aquarius23° 53’ 3”Aquarius Mars in the Natal Chart makes you daring and impulsive. You are passionate and can follow your intellectual desires. You are inspiring and want […] Read more » Jupiterin Gemini8° 33’ 46”Jupiter in Gemini in the Natal Chart makes you talkative and popular. You are social and outgoing. You attract people from all walks of life […] Read more » Saturnin Capricorn10° 23’ 53”Capricorn Saturn in the Natal Chart indicates you are part of a generation responsible for fulfilling your mission to society. You are consistent and find […] Read more » Uranusin Aries10° 1’ 41”Aries Uranus in the Natal Chart brings strength and independence. You are rebellious and can be enthusiastic. You are optimistic and can be playful and […] Read more »

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Planets in Elements

Planets in elements denote how the fundamental energies and qualities associated with those planets interact with the elemental nature of the signs they inhabit, shaping an individual’s overall temperament and approach to life.
Water ElementAstrologers and other occultists study the water element to understand emotional healing. This element relates to love and compassion. Numerous planets in water signs in […] Read more »Air ElementThe air element in astrology corresponds to three signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. This element is associated with new insights and perspectives. The air element […] Read more »Earth ElementThe earth element in astrology is associated with practicality and grounding. This element is associated with career and wealth. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are signs […] Read more »Fire ElementThe fire element in astrology is associated with passion and motivation. This element brings creativity and intensifies planets and natal houses. Your competitive nature comes […] Read more »

Planets in Qualities

Planets in qualities signify how the inherent attributes and tendencies of those planets align with the modalities of the signs they occupy, influencing an individual’s style of action, decision-making, and engagement with the world.
Fixed QualityThe second Quality in astrology is the Fixed modality. Fixed Signs follow the Cardinal Signs, bringing strength and endurance. These signs build upon the foundation […] Read more »Cardinal QualityThe Cardinal quality in astrology is associated with new seasons and initiative. Cardinal signs mark the equinoxes and solstices. The Cardinal modality represents the extremes […] Read more »Mutable QualityThe third Quality astrological signs are grouped into is mutable. Mutable Signs come at the end of a season. Mutable Signs are associated with flexibility […] Read more »

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Planets in Houses

Planets in a zodiac house signify where in life’s areas and experiences the energies and influences of those planets are predominantly focused and expressed.
Sun8° 21’ 58” Tenth House
Moon21° 29’ 30” Twelfth House
Mercury10° 47’ 30” Ninth House
Venus15° 52’ 11” Tenth House
Mars5° 30’ 3” Ninth House
Jupiter52° 11’ 3” Eleventh House
Saturn27° 1’ 22” Sixth House
Uranus30° 16’ 32” Tenth House
Neptune13° 23’ 9” Third House
Pluto34° 9’ 48” Twelfth House
Ceres55° 0’ 18” Eleventh House
Chiron24° 24’ 3” Eleventh House
Eros1° 30’ 59” Ninth House
Hygiea6° 35’ 18” Eleventh House
Juno37° 32’ 36” Sixth House
Pallas5° 17’ 23” Eleventh House
Vesta8° 23’ 21” First House
Black Moon Lilith9° 38’ 40” Seventh House
North Node18° 59’ 23” Eleventh House
South Node18° 59’ 23” Fifth House
Part of Fortune23° 15’ 37” Fifth House
Vertex44° 45’ 3” Fifth House

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Aspects reveal the dynamic relationships and interactions between planets within a birth chart, influencing the way their energies combine and manifest in an individual’s life experiences and personality traits.

Within this birth chart, there are 14 major aspects, alongside 14 minor aspects, as well as 12 extra aspects.

Major Aspects

Major aspects highlight significant connections between planets, providing insights into key dynamics, challenges, and potentials shaping an individual’s life journey and psychological makeup.
Saturn Square Uranus
Sun Trine Pluto
Jupiter Sextile Uranus
Jupiter Quincunx Saturn
Moon Sextile Neptune
Mercury Opposite Neptune
Moon Square Uranus
Mercury Conjunct Mars
Moon Trine Mercury
Moon Opposite Saturn
Jupiter Square Neptune
Saturn Opposite Pluto
Sun Conjunct Venus
Mars Opposite Neptune

Explore detailed articles on the major aspects in this birth chart, gaining deeper insights into this cosmic identity. Dive into each aspect and uncover how it shapes Taina Elg’s life journey.

Sun Trine Plutoorb: 1°The Sun trine Pluto in a Natal Chart makes you self-assured and intense. You have a magnetic personality and exude charm. You may be mysterious […] Read more » Jupiter Quincunx Saturnorb: 2°Jupiter quincunx Saturn in a chart indicates that a person may struggle to prioritize and find work-life balance. People with this aspect in their charts […] Read more » Moon Sextile Neptuneorb: 3°You are likely sensitive and intuitive if you’ve got the Moon sextile Neptune in your Natal Chart. Even if you aren’t the most loud or […] Read more » Mercury Opposite Neptuneorb: 3°Mercury opposite Neptune in a chart typically indicates that a person is imaginative, sensitive, and artistic. The downside of this opposition is that it clouds […] Read more » Moon Square Uranusorb: 5°The Moon square Uranus in a Natal Chart creates a tie between emotions and chaos. Someone with this square in their chart likely seeks out […] Read more » Mercury Conjunct Marsorb: 5°Mercury conjunct Mars in the Natal Chart makes you outspoken and dramatic. You are intense and speak passionately. You are demanding and can be focused […] Read more » Moon Trine Mercuryorb: 6°When the Moon trines Mercury, there is a strong connection between the mind and the heart. It is not difficult for a person with this […] Read more » Moon Opposite Saturnorb: 6°The Moon opposite Saturn in a Natal Chart can be incredibly challenging for the person dealing with it. They typically struggle to express their emotions, […] Read more » Saturn Opposite Plutoorb: 7°Saturn opposite Pluto in a chart typically indicates a person has a connection to the darker side of life. Sometimes, this connection comes out of […] Read more » Sun Conjunct Venusorb: 8°When the Sun is conjunct Venus in your Natal Chart, you are exceptionally romantic. Others see you as beautiful, and you have a gift for […] Read more » Mars Opposite Neptuneorb: 8°Mars opposite Neptune in a chart can be difficult because it creates a lot of insecurity and a need to cover it up with false […] Read more »

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Minor Aspects

Minor aspects represent subtler connections between planets, offering additional nuances and layers of interpretation to understand more detailed influences on an individual’s personality and experiences.
Saturn Trine Chiron
Uranus Quincunx Part of Fortune
Moon Sextile North Node
Moon Trine South Node
Mars Sextile Hygiea
Mars Quincunx Ascendant
Jupiter Square Midheaven
Jupiter Quincunx Part of Fortune
Saturn Quincunx Ceres
Saturn Sextile Midheaven
Saturn Sextile Part of Fortune
Uranus Sextile Ceres
Neptune Quincunx Black Moon Lilith
Neptune Square Vertex

Discover additional layers of meaning with this collection of articles on the minor aspects found in Taina Elg’s birth chart. Delve deeper into these cosmic nuances to gain a richer understanding of this astrological profile.

Mars Quincunx Ascendantorb: 1°Mars quincunx the Ascendant in a chart typically indicates that how someone portrays themselves, especially when it comes to their confidence and level of passion, […] Read more » Jupiter Quincunx Part of Fortuneorb: 1°Jupiter quincunx the Part of Fortune in a chart indicates a person may struggle to fulfill their personal goals, find satisfaction, and grow however they’d […] Read more » Saturn Quincunx Ceresorb: 1°Saturn quincunx Ceres in a chart disconnects practicality and responsibility from affection and caring. People with this quincunx aren’t necessarily cold or uncaring, but they […] Read more »

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Extra Aspects

Extra aspects, though less emphasized than major or minor aspects, contribute subtle nuances and intricacies to the overall astrological interpretation, offering additional insights into an individual’s personality traits and life experiences.
Hygiea Square Ascendant
Vesta Trine Vertex
Midheaven Trine Part of Fortune
Chiron Sextile Midheaven
Chiron Opposite Part of Fortune
Hygiea Conjunct Pallas
Juno Square Pallas
Pallas Square Ascendant
Vesta Opposite Black Moon Lilith
Black Moon Lilith Sextile Vertex
Ceres Square Midheaven
Juno Opposite Ascendant

Explore how these extra aspects contribute to the intricate tapestry of Taina Elg’s life path through subtler influences. Dive into each extra aspect and uncover the hidden gems that shape a unique cosmic identity.

Vesta Trine Vertexorb: 0°Vesta trine the Vertex in the Natal Chart makes you passionate about your destiny. You experience lucky breaks and milestone changes when you follow your […] Read more » Midheaven Trine Part of Fortuneorb: 0°The Midheaven trine the Part of Fortune in the Natal Chart makes you attractive and ambitious. You are successful and find ways to land on […] Read more » Black Moon Lilith Sextile Vertexorb: 1°The Black Moon Lilith sextile Vertex in your Natal Chart makes you eager to explore your ambitious and independent nature. You are creative and expressive, […] Read more »

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A house starting in a zodiac sign indicates the area of life where the qualities and themes of that sign are particularly emphasized and influential within an individual’s birth chart.
First House22° 53’ 27” Cancer
Second House4° 0’ 37” Leo
Third House18° 23’ 1” Leo
Fourth House9° 45’ 9” Virgo
Fifth House16° 22’ 43” Libra
Sixth House13° 22’ 31” Sagittarius
Seventh House22° 53’ 27” Capricorn
Eighth House4° 0’ 37” Aquarius
Ninth House18° 23’ 1” Aquarius
Tenth House9° 45’ 9” Pisces
Eleventh House16° 22’ 43” Aries
Twelfth House13° 22’ 31” Gemini
Astrology Birth Chart for Taina Elg (Mar. 9, 1930) (2024)
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