Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), April 21, 1921, p. 3 (2024)

rhuro i iiiuuhday apiin 21 10 its a miohtv finis sensation it u u mighty him minsll t k i lltln in i boat willi v wr liun 1m iiihiii u jin i tin n v ur fyjit uiki it 1 at i ii u lululity him ihukwuwu its vou u inly will ndmlt an yu iliii t have new to worry of tho nsliom hint you gill thr or inunvawss if i teusufttntv of nurilinini ui cheer ti minttn 1 1 joy aa lain liter f munlo eweet jin clear itut nltliu my himtrt in llahtaned hares a m nii i d like lo sing of ix boat upon thn watr an a pole i llkn to uwlnel when mm un i gtlln brighter an the duyu ar like a dream an you hour the birds a slngln by the ullvni- of hi etream then vo fw1 u mighty sllmii in the inntm f your brcoilt an your wuallmr yo u busy kinder looking to i ho went i talk itlwiut this tlmo o mtmii when th bloom la on th tree jn tho whole llamn worl 1 bj hilmmln of a lovln melody then you i uinmugn in lb sltlo mi you pry km tin hi abed an yjuf finl th linn y u ftfter you nut a piece of if then trow kfndwrshoc th oobwd rrom the polo beneath lb eaves an you me th una upon tt while your sturdy bowon limvm then unuln you grub for xahwormu ovr half a garden plot will l th neighbors git to shout in comn iirron un spade my jot then you buxtltv to ttm margin or the flownrsklrted lake an you tlis oryetal surface tu th mighty big onm break colli you rival th sensation when you slide the old boat in an you hear thn our locks creajtini lordy brother where you bint well i iwoaf to goodness brother i um tickled through an through when i kit my lino a workfn an catch a fish or two an i fool so dnrn contented ilk ownetl tho sky in land with a crown o gold upon km an a ncoptre in my hand t aln t trnvhml tho world over nn rook on thorn oxtf thlna that ura jmwerful enchant in tin oonhtant nleakur brtn hut about thu tlmo o muan i pll lleonuro wiui a boat with my hundai upon a con pol tny nyemuuon a float 1 get rid of noxioltt weed8 purlnk tho imttt nine yeurt ltllltzo tlio ontario atcrlcultural and kxprt mental union oonducttml oo oporatlv woodtf over mvnlynve fvmm oar- hod on aatufaotory experiments the weedd exdorlmentotl with ware peren nlal now thletln twitch imw bladder 4unplon or cow bell wild muatard ox- eye dnuy field bindweed wild oat and nhoatit thom who took part in theae experimental profited by the x- imirlanoe in nearly every tnxtanoo they c leu nod the mold experimented with and demon at rut ad to their own autufaotlon the eitecuveneaa or the method tried and at the name time their reault furnished practical in formation to otheru tactical information sained from theae oo ouratlv weed experiments t 1 that auoh weeda as perennial now thlstlu twitch 8tukk wild mustard and bladder campion can be aucceewfully and oomituratlvely easily controlled by iiroper methods of cultlvatloir and cropliltlft- i 2 that aood cultivation followed by rape sown in drills provide a moans of eradlcatlnir both perennial sow thistle and twitch eras i that ape is a more uatlafactory crop to use in the destruction of twitch grass than buckwheat 4 that rape elves much better ret suits in the eradication of twitch and perennial sow t hist is when sown in drill and cultivated than it does when sown broadcast 9 that thorough deep cultivation in tall and sprinir followed by a well cared for hoe crop will destroy bladder cam pion 6 thnt mustard may be prevented from seedlns in oats wheat and barley by praying with a twenty per cent solution of iron sulphate without any serious injury to the utandlng crop or to the fresh soedlnvs ox clover experiments for isait these oo operative weed experiments will bo continued this year itll tho weeda to be experimented with are perennial sow thlse twitch crass bladder campion or cow bell wild mus tard oxeye daisy field bindweed wlld oats and chess farmer haylruj any of these weeds on their farms are in vited to write to the director of co operative weed saxperlments o i a rfualph ontario information will be lven concerning these experiments ut all who write and to those who co operate in the work instruction for carrying- out the experiment chosen will be sent tn the fall a blank form will be supplied on which to report the result of the work tr i- jvfj slo han jm of the j goewccfi isaahal the crown of the world surveys mil do during- recent ascent in the kamkoram bamreof the illmn in yon brjny up to sevep the number n poakh on the root of the world which ore known to exceed 17 000 feet in height these are mount bvcrest k3 the two peak of kanchtypjansn wakalu tertun kanxri and jprnad peak around these slants tower dosens of others that dwarf chtm- boraso a number of whjb excew 14 000 or ii 000 feet- fthe wild splen dor and beauty presented by this llt- terlny assemblaae of snowy mountains are faintly reflected in auoh names as jorldo took and the golden throno when noah won out vou remetnber noah had to work a ions time on that urk it was u bill business too at best bulldlns boat out on dry land while the local anvil and hammer club sat round spit tins tobacco julqo upon his lumber whittling up hhrplne boards with their jackknlves and tolling him whatta foot he was for expectlnc a big- rain in a country that was too dry to grow alfalfa itqt he kept at il fin ally the flood rnrdo and every mothers son of- the- oroakars wm drowned this in the only instance we know in either auored or profane history where a bunat of knockers sot ex actly what was omns to them p hib qreateotfalffioultv a certain senator deploring the die honest methods of one type of business mam once said with a smile 1 all brings back to ma dialogue i onoa heard in a southern school children said the teacher be dili gent andsteadfast and you will suc ceed tnko the case of george wash ington whoue birthday we are soou to celebrate to you remember my tell ing you 6t tho groat difficulty george washington had to contend wltht yes maam said a little boy ho oounldnltoll a lie not in cold storage kocod ljt mr browtjt- ammi the ladyj looking at the empty oaiyi- ur i iwell mrs snlpps replied the fish monanr oonndtjatlauy 1 u abuso you x always keep a pit up my aleeve for fts ip butomw hwy that storm of lee last saturday and the hlg snow storm on flunday usl about knouked m out and 1 thoutjht for a while this would he one of th wookri 1 d have a good exod4 to skip my plene tlioumatls w hies mo if thnt mw north easlei torm dldn t rivo m the worst attack 1 ve had in ten years mary says 1 ve been going alum i like a bear with a mm t vor iln co buy do you know ituwas nil i coul 1 do to get down to the street in put in my vote to give john uorlyorn a knock out blow and when i got down thny coul in t tell me wbthr i us to vol at the itakory or at thn reatnery nobody seemed to bn tibln to tell me i know myself the voters whose initials wore from a to u went to tho creamery and from ud tu j votnd ut the uskery well i hiibhltxt down to the rtokery and ho i 1u o huld no you don t volo heref you so to the si poulng plain whyl knld my names the old wall o ought to mean me no he said can t you catch on old i your nrst name and man is the other you go to tho creamery well i limped back up street and wont to the polling booth at the creamery real peeved and demanded a ballot the 1 it o there seeing 1 looked too mad to be trifled with promptly hand d out one of lhoo no yeh ballots hy when i got behind the screen dldn t do a thing to that ballot but put on tho blggent croon t could get into the yk3 space i ii bet you the teputy koturnli ipd bcrutliteers will kmiw for a fact that i meant business when they counted my ballot on monday nlsht hope they counted it for two welt anyway marys and mine counted two all right though when we wore married away back there in the lomc ago we were made ono yes and 1 m glad our young folks volod yes too the whole of them and helped to well the big yes vote in ontario well its all uvnr now and thank goodnes there wssn t much hard feel ing among tho folks in town during the campaign i think this was the first time we ve hud a turopcrunco fight here slnon tho ilays of the old duukln ant election uwuy buckubout 180 yes over sixty yours unu wh public mooting were hell by either the temperance or tho lhtuor peoph i guess it wan u still hunt this time pure and slniplo away buck in those early dayii wn had some bangup public moelltige you hurd to convince some jo iks then that there was any harm ih going to the uar rom for a drink and snttlrig tipsy rut the old bonn of temperanoa dlvl lion and public speakers ilka jacob b pen co of toronto- old ikeawax some of the whiskey folks called blm and john speight and tloorgo if ken nedy and a good many of the proabhera did much to convince the people that the uuuor t raffle was doing great harm to i be community gradually the number of abstainers grew and in all the recent oempalans aoton has gt large mujorlls for the temperance measures which have immiii brought be fore us in this lust oleollon lots of folks voted for prohibition whose families have not suffered much directly from the liquor traffic but the people gen erally have learned two things 1st concern for the weakness or others meat make my brother to offend you know and 2nd that the money spent for intoxicating liquor cannot be spent for dry goods and clothing- and grocer ies and boot and shoes it is cer tainly far more agtlnfaclion to see the famltv well fed and comfortably cloth ed than for the fathor to go about with his stomach filled up with beer and whiskey and faalf shot onoa or twice a week and the wife and family living in want of good food and com fortable clothes ohl we old folks and you young folks too have learned things the peat few years and what weve learned is liberty of the right sort not liberty for nn one and no one alone wett guess its about tlmo x was proceeding with my mulu street inlscenoes i left off last woek at the uclheo house ami family hor a good many years since their day this has been the hom*o of mr 1onaid mcdon ald and family 1 ro not suro whether h brought his bride rrom trafalgar right co tltis house or pot it not at once it was very shortly afterward donald was born on th homestead on the fourth line on the farm next to the one which was the birthplace of his neighbor sir donald mann and across the road from cedar creek farm tho home of the warrens for- eixty years and for four generations of that es teemed family when ponnld was little chap a lame foot developed it coneequonco lie was permitted to at tend school more than iho other brothers and ulsters unit the outcome was that jqonuld became a school teacher ills plousjlowland scottish father would have liked donald to have become a inoonhitoc but school leaching seemed to be his fated call ins after touching for a nunqber of years in br in township he came to aiton mr ma do n hi was industrious ujjd jhrlfty he owned the house at the corner of west 1 tower avenue wb lambert and his worthy spouse now make their home he jaullt the house on main btreet where billy hull nd his misses and their- interesting family re side and he bought the jjcppao estatn with its four or rtvo acres where his esteemed widow her daughter mrs crilndell and the wo granddaughters live in comfort und happiness together mr mcdonald wuu ror years secretary ne of the rruternal societies and when ha was culled home the brethren 2vo him a society run oral with lodge lienors the next properly to this is tho cook resluouae fronting op kolrvlow avenue but which wua known when llev n d cook bltllt ills home there un llnn- eom btreet this was ono of the lust rtreetw named by the oilgtnut founders when they subdtvldod their farm hold ings and itansom adams one of tho characters of anton forty to sixty years ago wa honored by having the abort njtofctrjt named for- him when tfftlrview cemetry wan opened howi aver ransom had paused of the scene mil the street leading to the entrance oxute oemetery was ranamod by w ilmtarex whowoa reeve at the time wafrvjw avenue t n about sixty years ago rev it u cook a llaptlst minister removed from cape itloh a little hamlet on th ton inutile between meafortl and owen hounil to anion with bis wife und three r ft ur hit iron they finally made tltul r in oici whnro the eldest nott iwl d now ruullio with hts wife and family itnv mr cook wau all earnest chrintlan worker ileuiperintendod the nmoval rrom ilnlhuafsd or ule building which still iitands on klein htreet and whlrh was used for forty years as the acton dupilst church for many years he was the minister there but flnallyrcurcu it was the eager desire of his life to see a new and more commodious ilsptlst church erected in acton and this fervent wish wus granted him ho was at the open ins wrvlree of the new church on mill rtntet in and was heard to rever ently exclaim whan the butlful new edifice eras finally dedicated at the interesting opening service with hi moon the devout msjupf isrsel in the temple nineteen hundrtxl years before ioi1 now lettasf thou thy servant depart in peace according to thy wortl for mine eyes have seen thy salvation which thou has prepared tteforo the face of the people the dear old man did not live long after but be died in sreat poaoe well say 1 muat cut it abort this lime my rheumatis is growling awfully you may be thankful- to get a column of this bluff this week even that much has oast me a good many panga 111 try and tall yaumora about the cook family next lira flood bye ouch i green old age two delightful glimpses of vigorous and happy old people are given in days llefor yesterday by lord fred- nio hamilton one glimpse is bf o tads tons the other is of lord ir4- erlos mother who lived well into her hlnelles and who at the time of her death had no less than one hundred and sixty nine direct living descend anta child ran grandchildren great- grandchlldren and greatgreat grand children h with all her descendants she kept jp constant touch at the as of eighty sis she was discovered peram bulating the garden on stilts for the benefit of a tiny great grandson who could not manage atllui and wrjo had come to his great grandmother for lussons surely such a spirited and sthletlo old lady deserves to rank in the annals of longevity with that fomi ous irish noblewoman the couness of desmond who h i4ved to the age of a hundred and ten and died from a fall from a cherry tree then zand udsi hfw i moettons or1ad stone do not include any rernarkable physical feats on his part they merely convey a pleasant impression of the aged premiers vitality and undying youthfulness of eplrlt in the house where ha was staying a number of young people had gathered round the piano mr u lad etc n joined the group and asked if tbey would allow an old man to sing bass with them lie had still a resonant bass and read admlr ably it was curious to see the prime minister reading from tho same copy as the kton boy of sixteen years who was singing alto it was sunday and they went on singing hymns nntll nearly midnight there wus no getting mr o lads tone away mrs lladstone declared the next day that mr glad stone i tad not ror many months en joyed himself so heartily seasonable items april showers bring may flowers a botanist declares each tree has a volceof its own we know moat of them had a bark now is the time to do your bprirjg cleaning if you have not got a spring clean out tho well as we sow so shall wo reap does not always apply to the pictures of vegetables we see on the seed pack ages ftach season has w bane and the hand that may liavo been slightly blistered by the use of the snow shovel looks forward to the callouses of th lawn mower the time how is when no on knows just when to shake his winters clothes i vot if you wear them you feel bad and if you don t you wish yon had in thirty days more we venture to say the sky will be bright and the nun will get say the gtass will peep out as muchsa it dare and burnt carpet rags will enliven the air use of alloys ever increa8- s inq- th doyaloiynent of alloy steels for automobiles in whch the united states has forged to the front has had an effect upon the manufacture of machine tools and other mechanisms tte alloys are used in highspeed machinery as well as for the shafts and spindles of machine tools their strength and reliability frequently per mit a reduction in slxe the develop ment of the auto steel alloys is pursued along- strictly scienuflo lines many manufacturers regularly employ chemists who constantly test the steel ployed and some demand an analy sis not only of samples but of each individual piece the teats extending to the core as well as the surface of each bar canadas timber crops a great possession 1 canadian timber that has th unique property of reproducing healf from a seen taken on vancouver island d c fndlsc7 cult i no followed by forest area not only destroyed all th production value of this great forest ares but erosion has new st in to complete the work of devaatatlori it is commonly agreed that canada holdm thn largest und nnuut urea of spruoe timing of ntjy country in tho world at tho suine time tho total rorost rosourceti nf the lomuilon ure lms than one third of the forest re bquroen held i v thn united states and siberia outrun its all titer countries in tho vumtnwfli nf ita timber nuppllca ah regards thn fmvatt at canada there has oome ulmiut it remarkable trans formation in thn public point of view during the lnuit fifteen years in the lays when timber industries were only moderately important and when the lack nf accurate information concern ins lug tho foront resources fixed upon tho public mind a fictitious view as to the supposed inexhaustibility of the ntorebousa of timber it was not sur prising that coiiservutlon policies should liuvs lnn mostly sentimental rather ihua f pruttuul value ipves fixation hits d tminutratod that tho forest an a in vi ry much more con- iruilod than was tlrst thought to lie th ratio 11 wuu uuo learned that contrary to r itiruoit belief foroutji tmcii hom*o down ilovuntalnd by the uxe did not imu illy reconstitute them selves axrnpt at liirrudlbly long periods on the liaulh of this now information the tnun on the tit root was not slow to mcogultut unit unless the rate of rorawt dowtructumwtro abated by pub lic laws und vlic trous administration and an awakened net me of public re spoiielbuity amid would aacrtdoe n treat industrial inaenet and would put beyond reach tht sunttal wood mr- terials without which tlio most ordlif ary bualnvsu of the country cannot bo undertaken nowadays with the enormourl in crease in thn itutnufuoture and use o print papr 1 nownptipur purposes and the adaptability of pulp tu thousand of tho uvury day necessities of rilankind tlio timber covered country hns come to i hi looked utwn hot as a barrier to agricultural develop but nx an incredibly rich uiujut capable of attracting- in lustrlal capital and pro viding employment for now population and contributing dlmctly to the pros- imnlty of tho country tu which it is situated an excellent example of how a forest arwa which yetttortluy was a wilder ness can iraciuno tu a few months the scene of a hlglny prosperous industrial town is supplied by the history of irouuols vulls in northern ontario only a few yciirs ugo thu townslte whh oocuphxl by u few bottlers nn i traveller 1 duy by tho establish ment of a liulp an 1 paper industry i too men urn given regular employ me ttt and the wage distribution each year is over lllcoooo tho term forest conservation is rrequently misinterpreted to indicate that tho conservationist would place a chinese wojl ulmnt the landing timber and slow down tho wheels of all wood using industries this however is the antithesis of th aim of the true con servationist the desire is not to prevent th utilisation of timber trees but to encourage such a system of forest fire protection accompanied by such scientific methods of timber cut ting as should maintain tbo forest areas as a productive source for all tlmo to come tn the past the areas cut over were in many cases turned into permanent barrens increasing value of timber and the present en- normous costs of establishing a pulp and utper mill itavn rendered necessary in the eyes of all progressiva forest owners a nhanged method of operating so as to koip each area growing auo- cnanlvn llmliexerojrj nt ragunr-lnler- vuls the forest must be anchored as securely as the mill dam of the total area or canada about eighty per cent is designed aw a per ma tient foresergrowlng estate and for that reason quite useless for agricul tural devolopmcnl this means oy ourse that over una and 0hslf mil hon square- miles can return no useful services unless it is made to srow tim ber the weakness in canada u na tional position as a forest growing country at the present time is not the scarcity of natural forest land but the low average production of tunbac per acre characteristic or the areas east of the rocky mountains in the redlcally changed economic conditions which hav automatically placed a high market value upon every square mile that produces timber th annual damage to the forest resourced through the single causa pt fire takes on a more and mora sinister aspect forest engineers are usreed that white the axe bou cleared possibly one hun dred thousand wquaro miles of the dominion the dtp pi end has stripped fully one million square miles that the forest havn not sprung up sue ccssfulty in the wako of this devasta tion is indicated by the fact that nearly thirds of the origins roreet re sources of cojlada ore regarded as having been taken from us in the lrovlnoe or uritlsh columbia accord tng to the commission of conserva tion twenty two times as much timber has been burned as was put to uxo by nil the wood using industries of that province the three ratrle frovlneon have been robbed of nighty per cent of their forest resources through un restricted fires and tho proportion of loss itt fhe provinces of ontario que- tioc npw lirunswtok and nova scotia is only slightly leas appalling were the onuses of forest fire attributable to some purely accidental source as light ning the record might be accepted with some resignation it is a well demoa trated fact however that ninety per cpnl of all forest fires are of human origin the settler tn his land clear ing operations the camper and his in- extinguished camp ire the smoker with bis lighted cigarette match or pipe ashes have accounted for a ocrl aue part of the nations timber eacrl flee while th forest protection sys tems of tho dominion and lrovlnclul governments havl improved vastly during recant yean there can conn no adequate remedy until the indlvldu o oltlxen decldea for himself to adopt personal care and vigilance as part of his definition of good nltixonshlp heqavj legal view a lady deeply interested in health matters and who adopted every new health system and took up every fresh health theory as soon as u mooted during a dinner conversation thn other evening engaged in a hy- nlc debate with a friend please tell me f have heard many different opinions about it ought one to lie do you think on the right elder i she imagined that beitwas a dpctor rut he was a lawyer k replied blandly if one la on the rlghtwalde madam it should not be really necessary to ho ut all ing spud we praise ull tho- flowers in faficy hip tho nectar xf fruits ere tbey ru peeled ignoring the common old tnter when in fact has the king of the field let us show the old hoy wo esteem him sort or dig him up out of the mud let s show him he shares our affections and crown him with gloryrklng bnud detecting fuawsin metat3 there l sometimes used a very tluiplo means o detect cracks opening from the surfactrof metals th out face la ffret mplatnj witfe kerosene add is uten dried off with a olote it- la then coated with chalk after s little while tho oil wortu out ut the cracks and etslns tho obslk a sort of aagrsm nf the hidden flssuyes and defects thus pmlttvsa pr an ounce of prevention cleanliness and carefulness ad lib to be taken regularly in large doses i his ia the most potent prescription tor flrortis an epidemic that is destroying thousands of lives and mil lions of dollars worth of property throughout tbo country caro and cleanliness arc tho antidote for flro as well as jho antidote for disease v eighty per cent of tho fire disease is preventable during the jljot weteltoi may the boys and girls of the province arc going to fhspect our homes where two out of every three fires occur help this splen did army of young canadians to prevent fires by removing the cause tho booklets conservatlon of live and pro- loity from hrv and lightning its origin utpt cuulrol may borhad for tho asking ontario fire prevention league inc in affiliation jsth ontario fire msrshsls offjo r 1g3 ttiilverslty avemm torontp tjeonoh y usww settetury free lsresswant advswill find 4 buyer for those unused articles war heroes qet alqatian legacies an inlnn tit if uhl rtl mm y in rml in i urlit rt i i my wl n tho i t dlhtrllu tl n wtim in i lo of n l k ty wrlttt it tu in y yiurs nu by u 1 nch al ullaii wl i hi his will left it grunt tu im dlntrlltutiil inn mtt nv n il lit rs who vhimm ally dlatlngullilioil tin m k ivori lo tl o urnat witt thut wits o re torn a lea en inrralnn to i ranrh tho no mtt f tho alsatlun wntf mnts gor lie lied ln0o3 i ut felt no sure of the matorulion of do 1 hi ni vlnoa that ho gitt in trust tc thw town nf hi uernaaln tho flvo legucloi each of r00 francs batch t tho twj mon who iroelvol 0o gift lnl tin modallle afuitnlre and lie it iin of honor two of ttmm suu are in tht army one is an uphoutoroi mil two srn now fanners there wa6 none to ispare tlia skippor of a small stnumnr tha ran up and down the cly 1 illvor man tjtotl oho duy nt low tl tn lo ut c hi vessel on a mil i bank aftr hn itsi exhausted his tintlro vikitl ulury in do hcrlblng unfavorably the tltlii his steamer an i his crew i a loaned gloomily ovor tho si in lo wait wlttr what patience he coul 1 ntuuter f r tlm tide to rise wlido so nnbogod lie saw a girl approiih the rivr and obviously intending in get soioh watur thn wrath of tha skit pc fltunnd up anew leaning farther oyt r llijj ttlito tuid shaking hlg nm at licr be nal 1 my lassie if you tuk ono drup o wnlnr not hero till i net ttllout pgaiu 111 warm yer ear for ll thl suns carbon shell it luts often been hiigsoiitnd that thn brilliance of tho huh u dink is duo to incandescent particles of carlton and within tho last twenty years or so tho presence of carlton in the stiii h ts beoii demonstrated by tbo spootrosoope tetter thnm was shown that thorn is a thin layer of carbon in tha lowur part of th sun atmosphere it surrounds tho solar globn llkn a luminous shell and under normal conditions is prob ably not more limit ftvo hundred miles above the suns surfaoa ifut when an eruption takus place from beneath tbo carbon layer like all thn other ton stltuents of the solar utmowplmro is broken up and locally dluplacud by tho tremendous agitation much gasoline wasted altout onothlrd t tho komilluo used in uutomohllos lu wustod thin 1m ihn conclusion reached by xpcrtii of tho united htatrs bureau of mlnca from cxparlnienls undor trnftui romllllotiil to determine the ulr pollution of tho vehicular tunnels of new y rk city tha wastn is chiefly dun to too flnli gnuoilne mixture u is mtlmatcn thar en improved un 1 practically ijulomat carburetor might save amtrlnaii huh moblluts 134 00 000 n yoff canadian nationalgrand trunk pronto stops fire quick 31 i pronto is ihc first practical lire extinguisher ut n reason able- price 175 complete instal ono in each room of your hom*o tor tho price of other fire extinguishers bco it demon strated at my shop afew palls of buckwheat honey buii left somb jood dblf hahdwood vindmiixs sold and reiaiked gasoline emtinm pumps pump jocku fertilizer tienuine prout wire fence arid gates cream separator oil repairs for duterent makes or cream separators land full line of farm machinery and binder twine m chas e parker phone 84 mux artu acton iiaiiaimfmmimragiisimrrmmrririmam you are on the bench youtlio publicarctlie judge on your good opbiion and your good word depends the success of the advertised article for no amount of advertising will induce you to buy a second time what you do not like no advertising will offset the bad effect of a dissatisfied buyen that is wliy advertisers must and do inaintain the quality of their goods advertisers realise that to turn their outlay for advertising into profit they must give good value they are hot looking for onetime sales first sales i most cases would not pay for the advertis ing to bo successful they mubt make steady cus tomers so quality is being put in to hold the trade that advertising produces thus to be sure of quality one naturally turns to goods that are advertised and isnt it only reason able no manufacturer can afford to advertise for long an inferior article from thcmomcnt the adverlib- ing begins the quality must either be kept uniform or improvedtojo back means ruin the day is passing when you ask for a pint of picwes jyou iiantu the brand you dont ask for rolled oats you name tlie brand you prefer the unknown article jnay be good but you are not so sure of it as you are of the advertised article which bears the seal of qbalitya wellknown makers trade name to manufacturers v you who make good goods and do not advertise show your confidencen your product advertise it let the public know that you stand back of your goods to maintain their high qqality makejyour trade name the jecognized standard in your line iiiwm j- t m 5jj u jmtitiml i f a



Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), April 21, 1921, p. 3 (2024)
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