23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (2024)

If you’re starting to learn how to draw, you might feel like it’s hard to know where to start and you need some easy drawing ideas.

The secret is to start simple!

Simple and easy drawing ideas, to get you used to picking up a pencil and to make you feel more confident in your lines.

And that’s what this article is all about!

A big list, full of easy drawing ideas for beginners that any artist can successfully draw!

Table Of Contents

  • 1 A Happy Face
  • 2 A Plant
  • 3 A Friendly Ghost
  • 4 The Moon
  • 5 A Pair Of Cherries
  • 6 A Cute Bird
  • 7 A Tree
  • 8 Stars
  • 9 A Heart
  • 10 A Dog
  • 11 A Cup Of Coffee
  • 12 A Pair Of Boots
  • 13 A Cat Face
  • 14 Smiling Lips
  • 15 A Bunny
  • 16 A Basketball
  • 17 A Flower
  • 18 A Pair Of Glasses
  • 19 A Cute Skull
  • 20 The Sun
  • 21 A Bee
  • 22 A Penguin
  • 23 A Mushroom
  • 24 Related Questions
    • 24.1 What is a good drawing idea for beginners to start with?
    • 24.2 Can you suggest any easy things to draw for young children?
    • 24.3 What other drawing skills can young kids or beginner artists practice?
    • 24.4 Are there any easy drawing ideas that incorporate letters or numbers?

A Happy Face

Drawing a happy face is a great starter, mainly because you can keep it so simple!

Pick up a piece of paper.

Now draw a circle. Inside that circle, add two dots for the eyes and a curved line for the mouth. There, you’re done!

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (1)

Drawing a happy face this simple is great for warm-up. For when you want to draw something, but don’t know what.

When that happens, just start drawing small, simple drawings like these, and something will come up!

After that, you can start adding more complexity to your happy faces.

Try different styles and looks, more complex or less. There’s a lot to choose from, so experiment!

A Plant

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (2)

I don’t often draw flowers and plants in general. However, sometimes it’s something I really enjoy drawing to wind down. Just drawing a simple cactus or succulent.

These can have very simple shapes like circles and ellipses, so it’s quite easy to draw them in a very cute and simplified way!

Alternatively, you can also just draw a simple stalk with some leaves! Look up simple plants and draw what you find the most beautiful.

A Friendly Ghost

Ghosts can be cute and actually quite easy to draw!

Just draw the shape of a round silo. About 90% of your ghost is done. Now all you need is to add two dots for the eyes and a line for the mouth.

Want to give it a little bit more personality? Instead of leaving the bottom of your ghost with a straight line, give it a wavy line!

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (3)

The eyes and mouth are also very customizable!

You can draw these cute eyes bigger, smaller, with eyelashes and bright spots.

And the same goes for the mouth! Draw it open, close, big or small smile, you choose.

Even when making simple drawings there are many options to give a more unique look to your art!

The Moon

The moon is always a perfect subject for beginner artists to draw. By drawing the moon you get to practice your circles and curved lines! Drawing the outer space is always fun.

I’ve also mentioned this one as part of my 20 Cute Drawing Ideas list, which you can check right here.

You can draw a full moon, but also all the other phases that it goes through. Don’t be shy and add a little start or two.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (4)

This is also a great chance for you to try different materials! Instead of picking a white piece of paper from your sketchbook, try drawing on black paper!

Get a white gel pen, soft pastels, or even chalk, and draw the moon with it. Here are some other art supplies you can try!

If you’re doing this digitally, do the same, draw on a black background. Experiment with different brushes and textures, it’s fun!

A Pair Of Cherries

Quick, simple, and easy! Cherries are another fun subject that comes to mind when I just want to draw something very simple and quick to wind down from work.

Two circles, joined by a small stalk. Go ahead and add a small leaf to it, to give it extra pizzazz.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (5)

You can either draw it using just a pen and that’s it. Or, if you want something more colorful, use some red and green markers.

What about drawing a number of cherries, each with a different color? That could make a nice pattern!

A Cute Bird

Birds can be quite complex; however, you can draw them very simply and cartoony.

Look it up online for some ideas or even better: get an image of a bird.

Now draw the outline of that bird in your sketchbook.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (6)

Alright, you have the main shape of your bird!

Now just add eyes, little legs, and maybe a wing or two!

Everything can be simplified by using basic shapes, so take advantage of that.

A Tree

Trees are always a great one to draw since there are many different ways to tackle them.

You can draw a leafless tree. Only a trunk and branches. You also don’t need to be very clean with the branches.

You don’t need to be super organized with these, either. Random dots on top of the trunk of your tree, and you’re finished.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (7)

Try adding a flower or two even!

Another option is to just use very simple shapes: a rectangle for the trunk and a circle for the top.

Try different shapes for the top of your tree: an ellipse and a cloud shape could work.

You can even add some lights and make it a Christmas Tree Drawing!

Explore different options and have fun!


Stars are another example that can be drawn in several different ways.

This is another drawing prompt based on outer space. (I really like the universe and celestial spaces)

You can draw the usual star shape. But if you want to make things even easier for yourself, you can just draw something similar to an asterisk or a diamond shape!

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (8)

Add some dots around it, like they’re far away stars.

Stars tend to be bright, so you can do the same idea as with the moon: try drawing them on a dark background!

A Heart

Hearts are always easy and cute… the simplified version, of course!

Drawing a real-life heart is very complex, and that’s not what we’re here for. Draw a pattern of tiny little hearts, like the ones we see in cartoons.

Draw them very simply with no details or add some stars around them or a highlight or two inside the heart.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (9)

Grab your sketchbook, doodle a few different things, look up different examples, and see what you like best!

A Dog

Dogs are cute, so you don’t really need any more reasons to draw them.

The fun thing about drawing dogs is that there are many different breeds to choose from. You can keep it really simple or add as many details as you want!

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (10)

I have a course on drawing dogs where I show you how to draw not only one but 3 different breeds of dogs in many different positions and perspectives.

My philosophy is to make drawing an easy and enjoyable hobby, so if you want to know more about drawing dogs, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this course!

Another option is, if you own a dog, inspire yourself in your furry friend.

This way, the whole process is even more fun and won’t bore you.

A Cup Of Coffee

Get inspiration from your morning coffee and draw it!

Draw a cute mug, filled with coffee, and don’t forget to add bits of steam leaving the cup.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (11)

The fun thing about coffee is that you can draw many different types of beverages. You can draw coffee with some cream on top, maybe with some sprinkles even.

You can draw a clear mug filled with a coffee latte. The milk and the coffee can even be layered, making a nice mix of colors there!

From simple black coffee to lattes and mochas, there are lots of fun choices to draw.

A Pair Of Boots

Hiking boots, heel boots, or rain boots. Better yet, do you own any kind of boots? Then take them out and draw them.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (12)

Keep things simple. Easy and basic shapes will get you there. A boot can be made out of an ‘L’ shape.

Then all you need to do is add some details: laces, texture, color. As always there are many options to make your drawings more unique, so explore than and have fun!

A Cat Face

I couldn’t recommend you to draw a dog and not a cat, right? In this blog we love both of them, so now it’s time for cats.

If you think that drawing a whole animal is too hard, then draw just the face.

The face of a cat is very unique with the big round eyes, little nose, and whiskers.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (13)

You can keep things in a very simple art style by adding dots for the eyes or drawing them with big colored circles and a slit for the iris.

Go more realistic or cartoony; the choice is yours as long as you enjoy the process.

Again, if you own a cat, take the opportunity and use them for reference!

Smiling Lips

Admittedly, drawing a full face can be a bit too complex for a beginner artist. There’s just too much to get right.

Eyes, mouth, nose, ears… knowing not only how to draw them, but also drawing the right proportions and in their rightful places!

It’s one of the things that beginner artists struggle with and I was no exception.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (14)

So, instead of drawing everything at once, take smaller steps.

Draw just some lips!

Thin or thick, with or without lipstick.

You can draw closed lips or open, showing some teeth! There’s a lot to learn with just lips, so take your time.

A Bunny

I promise I’m not going to mention every single animal. But bunnies are just too cute to pass.

And more than that, they’re simple to draw! Round face and long ears. Complete your cute bunny with a face, round body, and soft tail.

Use your pencil to draw very simple shapes, and you have a finished bunny!

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (15)

Just like with the cat you can choose between drawing just the face or going ahead and drawing the full body. The choice is yours. Just have fun with these simple drawings.

You can start with just the face and later on, when you feel more confident, draw the rest of the body!

A Basketball

Want to practice your circles? Then draw a basketball!

Start with a simple circle first. Repeat that as many times as you need.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to draw a perfect circle. We’re not perfect, so as long as it resembles a circle, it’s enough!

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (16)

Then just add the familiar basketball lines and add some color.

This is one of those very easy things to draw, but can be quite fun to sketch!

If you want to go a step further with your basketball drawings, draw them in movement. Drawing some slight oval shapes instead of circles can be a nice change of pace!

A Flower

We’ve covered plants above, so now it’s the time for flowers!

There are soo many to choose from, so either pick a favorite of yours or pick one that looks the easiest to draw.

Personally, I think daisies, pansies, or even sunflowers have some of the easiest shapes, so they can be a good starter!

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (17)

A pretty button, along with some colorful petals. Don’t forget to add a leaf or two for some extra details.

You can even add a butterfly on top!

A Pair Of Glasses

There are many different types of glasses, made out of different shapes.

However, the lenses are always made out of basic shapes like rectangles, squares, or circles.

If you can draw those, you can draw a pair of glasses!

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (18)

Lookup for different pairs of glasses and draw them. Take the chance and add some color to them.

This is a good opportunity to practice coloring shiny objects!

A Cute Skull

Skulls are the kind of thing you’ll always end up drawing in art classes. It’s a good way to understand better how the head works and which shapes to use.

However, you don’t need to go and draw a realistic skull right now. That might be way too much at this point.

So let’s keep it simple. A very cartoony skull should do it!

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (19)

You can draw a skull by drawing two very simple shapes: a circle and a square, joined together.

Now just add two holes for where the eyes used to go, some teeth, and a hole for the nose. You’re done!

The Sun

One of my first drawing ideas was to draw the moon. So now it’s the sun’s turn!

Simply draw a circle with some random lines around it and you’re done. Go ahead and add some color.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (20)

Want to add some more uniqueness to your sun? How about drawing wavy lines around it? Or better yet, small triangles!

Go ahead and draw a smiling face to your sun or even some sunglasses; that could look quite amusing!

This is also one of the pretty simple ideas that I recommend for younger kids or even toddlers, in my 60 Drawing Ideas for Kids That Spark Their Imagination article, which you can read here!

Kids love to start by drawing the sun, and this kind of drawing tutorial!

You can even draw a sunset or sunrise.

A Bee

Bees have a very fun shape and color scheme, so I think it’s an amazing idea to draw and quite cool.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (21)

They’re also very round, so you have the opportunity to, again, practice your circles and ellipses!

A round head, a round body, and tiny round wings. Now, just add small lines for their legs, and you’re done. Don’t forget to add some color!

A Penguin

Penguins, with their silly little walks, can be very cute, so I had to add them to the list.

You can also draw them by using very easy and simple shapes.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (22)

Draw a shape that resembles an egg, that’s the body. Now all you have to do is add tiny little arms to the side and a small orange beak.

You can even draw it inside of a snow globe!

There you have it, you just drew a penguin in a fun and easy way!

A Mushroom

I love drawing mushrooms! I have just so many pictures of different mushrooms saved on my computer.

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (23)

Whenever I want to draw something different and simple, I look for one that looks interesting and draw it.

There are so many different types of mushrooms, made out of different shapes and colors!

Some are very simple to draw, others can be more complex. So choose something according to your mood and have some fun!

Related Questions

Some beginner artists have some questions when it comes to drawing, so here are a few quick answers!

What is a good drawing idea for beginners to start with?

One of the easiest drawing ideas for kids and beginners is to draw simple geometric shapes like circles, squares, triangles or even a rainbow.

Another fun idea is to draw a rocket ship (with just those shapes!), which can be done by drawing a simple triangular shape with a few extra details like a window and flame.

These are easy things to draw while building confidence in your sketching skills.

Can you suggest any easy things to draw for young children?

An easy drawing idea for very young kids would be doodling small creatures or favorite characters in a chibi style.

Such as baby Groot, cute animals (like a Whale or Dolphin) or even drawing a simple paper plane.

These drawings are simple and allow children to explore their creativity.

What other drawing skills can young kids or beginner artists practice?

One of the best things to draw for beginners to improve their skills is to practice drawing continuous line drawings, where the pencil never leaves the paper.

This helps to improve hand-eye coordination and control.

Additionally, sketching simple objects or scenes will help build foundational drawing skills.

Are there any easy drawing ideas that incorporate letters or numbers?


Beginner artists can create illustrations by turning letters or numbers into objects, like using a “B” for a butterfly or the number “8” for a snowman.

This helps them learn and recognize letters and numbers while being creative.

I hope these drawing prompts are helpful and you have fun improving your drawing skills.

Not enough art ideas? Here are 20 More Cute Drawing Ideas!

Or if you’re looking for a challenge, here are 7 Hard Things To Draw Right Now!

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (24)

23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (25)


Patricia Caldeira is the main writer here at Don Corgi. She's an art teacher with over 20.000 happy students across many platforms and courses!

Enjoy your stay and as always:
Keep on drawing!

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23 Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginner Artists (With Images) (2024)
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