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Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you and your significant other have to spend the entire day alone. Throwing a Valentine’s Day party and inviting all your closest friends can be a blast, especially if you plan some engaging activities for those in attendance to really break the ice. To help you do that, we’ve put together a list of the most enjoyable and adorable Valentine party games. Keep reading to get inspired!

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1. Build and play the “Break my Heart” game

You can build this game yourself by covering the lids of disposable cups with red or pink paper after putting a prize in each cup (candy is a classic for the holiday), and then gluing the cups to a large board in the shape of a heart. Your guests can punch through the paper to access the gifts! This one also doubles as a fun bit of party decor.

2. Host a Valentine’s Day dance contest

Pick a fun, thematically appropriate song for the holiday—such as “Stupid Cupid” by Connie Francis—and split your party guests up into two groups (or more, if needed). Then, have each group choreograph and perform a dance to the song you’ve chosen. For added competition, award the winners a prize for their creative efforts.

3. Rev up the crowd with Cupid’s arrow toss

Speaking of Cupid, what about a game where your guests compete to throw Cupid’s arrows at targets and see who has the best hand-eye coordination? This is another DIY game that’s also super easy to set up.

4. Play the odds with a Valentine’s Day candy dice game

This festive game is simple enough that kids can play it, but entertaining enough that adults enjoy it, too. Simply roll the dice and follow the instructions on the printable game sheets—whoever accumulates ten pieces of candy first is the winner!

5.Go old school with a Valentine’s version of Pictionary

Team-based games are one of the best ways to help your party guests get to know each other better, and Valentine’s Pictionary is a great option. It’s like charades but with the added creative element of drawing, instead of acting out the word that everyone’s trying to guess.

Spend time with your besties using our sweet Galentine’s Day ideas as your guide!

6. Or play Charades, with festive prompts

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Perhaps you and your guests don’t particularly enjoy drawing, and charades is more up your alley. In that case, one of our top Valentine party games is charades—just make sure that at least some of the prompts are relevant to the holiday!

7. Enjoy Valentine’s Jenga (or “I’ll Tumble For You!”)

Another one of our top Valentine party games, this is Jenga with a twist! Here’s a guide to creating your own version of the game, with ideas for prompts to write on each of the blocks.

8. Go bold with Truth or Dare – Valentine’s edition

Come up with a list of potential “truths” and “dares” in advance of the party, and then—if you think your friends will enjoy it—play a few rounds of this classic party game and make some hilarious memories.

9. Break the ice with Conversation Heart conversation starters

Everyone knows about Conversation Hearts—they’re a Valentine’s Day classic, with adorable phrases printed on each piece of candy. These printable conversation starters inspired by the candies make it easy for your guests to break the ice.

10. Bust a move with Conversation Heart Twister

Speaking of conversation hearts, what about this incredible version of Twister with a conversation heart theme? Many of the game ideas on this list focus on primarily mental challenges, so including a physically challenging activity like Twister at your party is an ideal way to switch it up a bit.

11.DIY a heart “ZAP!” game

When it comes to Valentine party games, anything involving hearts is gonna be a winner. With not much more than construction paper, markers, tennis balls, and tape, you’ll have Heart Zap!, a game that’s fun for all ages. It was created with kids in mind, but we can see adults enjoying the challenge, too.

12. Play Tic Tac Toe with heart-shaped Xs and Os

As simple as this game is, everyone knows how to play Tic Tac Toe, and Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe is extra sweet. Including it among your guests’ activity options will ensure they have plenty to choose from.

13. Host musical hearts to get your guests on their feet

What a great way to make your amazing Valentine’s Day playlist the focus (for at least a little while)! Musical hearts is like musical chairs, but instead of players competing to make it to a chair in time, they’re competing to stand on paper hearts.

14. Your next card game addiction: Hearts to Hearts

If you’ve enjoyed playing Apples to Apples (or Cards Against Humanity, the adult version of the game), you’ll love Hearts to Hearts. This easy and entertaining card game is even printable, so there’s no need to purchase a new game just for this party.

Dress your venue to impress using these on-point romantic Valentine room decoration ideas!

15. Plan a tasty Valentine’s drinking game

Drinking games are one of the best icebreakers imaginable, and these game cards make it easy to execute this idea in a thematically appropriate manner. (Of course, make sure to drink responsibly and in moderation!)

16. Challenge your guests to Valentine’s Scattergories

Yes, there’s a homemade version of Scattergories that’s specifically Valentine’s themed! It’s an ideal choice for a brain teaser that’s not overly challenging.

17. For all you wordsmiths: A Valentine word scramble

Also challenging but not too hard: this printable Valentine’s-themed word scramble.

18. DIY a Valentine’s Day ring toss

Make your own ring toss game in shades of pink and red so you and your guests can test your hand-eye coordination.

19. Get to know your guests with Valentine’s Day “This Or That”

Another great icebreaker, this quiz has your guests compare two options and choose their favorite—flowers or chocolate? Receiving or giving gifts? Roses or tulips? It’s a great way to learn more about your friends and loved ones’ preferences!

20. It’s time for Valentine’s Bingo!

There’s a reason bingo is such a popular game—it’s easy to learn but still exciting and engaging. This Conversation Heart version of the game is aesthetically pleasing and adorable, so your guests are sure to love it.

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20 Sweet Valentine Party Games For SOs And Friend Groups - Peerspace (2024)
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