15 Types of Cartoon Drawing Styles Examples (2024)

15 Types of Cartoon Drawing Styles with Examples

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The perfect, if not the best, place to begin cartoon drawing style as an artist is drawings or sketches since you don't need a lot of drawing equipment to start this type of drawing. What you chiefly need is just your pen and paper to begin.

So, let's move ahead as this content will show you different cartoon drawing styles, and in no time, you'll master the art.

In this article

01 15 Types of Cartoon You May Use for Your Next Marketing Project

02 How To Draw Myself In Five Different Cartoon Styles

Part 1 Types of Cartoon You May Use for Your Next Marketing Project.

As I've mentioned before, there are various types and styles of cartoon drawings. Below are a few cartoon drawing styles you may want to use for your next project.

01Modern Cartoon Style

This style is currently the most common art style displayed on TV channels like Cartoon Network.

Note that thiscartoon-style drawing'smain features are the thick outlines, geometric shapes, and bright colors.

One of the significant reasons this drawing style is this way is that using simple shapes without much detail makes the overall animation process much faster and saves resources for the studios. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful and captivatingcartoon drawing style!

This drawing style is used by many modern cartoons. Here are a few examples:

The Powerpuff Girls

Dexter's Laboratory

Codename: Kids Next Door

Gravity Falls

02Realistic Cartoon Style

Thiscartoon drawing styleis more quirky since, generally, cartoon drawing is more likely to simplify shapes. The realisticcartoon-style drawingadds more details and keeps figures much more in line with reality. This drawing style is typical among artists who vectorize people's photographs.

You can also, to some extent, include Caricatures in this category. Caricatures are generally very realistic besides the whole enlargement and shrinking of specific body parts!

Few examples of realistic cartoon drawing styles:

Ugly Americans

General Caricataures


03Modern Anime

This style tends to be more complex, primarily seen in drawings where the characters seem to be in motion, like in comic books. Modern-day drawings of this style have a lot of shadows and highlights in their character and environment, giving them a relatively new level of complexity.

Here are a few examples of modern animes that follow this Japanesecartoon drawing style.

My Hero Academia

Sword Art Online

Attack on Titan

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

04Classic Manga

The old Japanese manga characters tend to possess human-like attributes (proportions) in terms of the body. The difference is the big eyes they have the most time.

Generally, thiscartoon drawing stylefocuses more on feminine bodies, possessing angular chins and thin bodies. Some drawing styles tend to make some parts of the body overtly long compared to the rest of the body; for instance, the legs are mostly longer than other parts.

A few examples of classic manga possessing thiscartoon style drawingare:

Oh My Goddess

Urusei Yatsura

Sailor Moon


05Chibi Drawing Style

The ChibiCartoon Drawing Stylemainly focuses on making the characters into a tiny version of themselves as if being compressed or compacted into a small container.

Examples of where this drawing style is used:

Lucky Star

Bottle Fairy

Himouto! Umaru-chan

06The Simpsons Cartoon Drawing Style

Thiscartoon-style drawingis widely famous. Though this style has undergone some evolution throughout the years, the main features remained constant! That is to say, the yellow bodies and big and white sphere-like eyes remained.

07Classic Disney

This drawing style was a staple for years, though this drawing style has had an evolutionary cartoon drawing style over the years.

08Mid 20th Century Disney

Disney upped their game during the mid 20th century and started working more with live actors, drawing from references, and filming shots before drawing the cartoons.

Some remarkable examples of thiscartoon drawing styleare

Alice in Wonderland


Beauty and the Beast

09Modern Disney Drawing Style

Thiscartoon-style drawingis an immediate improvement of the mid-20th 20th drawing style. This cartoon style is brighter, more detailed, and more complex generally.

Although Disney has stopped creating 2D cartoon drawings, there are still some examples of this more refined art style:

The Princess and the Frog

Lilo and Stitch

10Old Cartoon Drawing Style

This drawing style is mostly in black and white format, with very high contrast body parts. The features of this style are having short bodies and long limbs. Sometimes, this type of drawing is referred to as Noodle drawing because the character's body moves as if there are no bones in their body.

Some examples of thiscartoon drawingstyleinclude:

Mickey Mouse

Betty Boop

11South Park

South Parkcartoon drawing styleis aptly geometric and has little depth. Shadows or highlights in this cartoon-style are rare. The colors are pretty solid and clean.

12Chrono Trigger/ Dragon Ball (Akira Toriyama)

Akira Toriyama'scartoon drawing stylecharacterizes having big and almost rectangular eyes and a lot of geometric shapes and definitions in the muscles.

13Crayon Shin-Chan

Thiscartoon-style drawingis effortless. An exciting aspect of this style is that it doesn't mind pushing the limits of the character.

The lines generally are thin, and the eyes are prominent in black and white colors.

14Betty Boop

Betty Boop'scartoon drawing stylepossesses contrasting black and white colors. Fragile lines with the characters contain a very high amount of black shapes.

15Adventure Time

Adventure Time's art is incredibly geometric, and its characters are nearly boneless, making it a more current example of a cartoon drawing style.

More fluid animation is possible as a result of this. The art is also quite brilliant, with vibrant hues that leap off the screen.

Aside from that, the characters' eyes are usually tiny (with a few exceptions), and the lines are skinny.

Part 2 How to draw myself in five different cartoon styles

There are loads of cartoon characters to choose from when trying to draw me. To sketch yourself as a cartoon, first, you have to determine whatcartoon drawing styleto appear in. This will give you hints on how to go about the drawing.

The traditional drawing method is a pencil and paper.

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15 Types of Cartoon Drawing Styles Examples (1)

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Ending Thoughts

We've looked at the variouscartoondrawing styles.

How to draw self in cartoon style.

The Filmora software to upbeat your sketches at the professional level.

hus, go check out anycartoon-style drawingsand see which one you like best. Make sure to study the reference drawing and practice more to perfect the artist in you.

15 Types of Cartoon Drawing Styles Examples (2024)
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