14 Valentine's Day Drawing Ideas for February 14th - Let's Draw That! (2024)

A collection of fourteen Valentine’s Day drawing ideas to inspire you for February 14th. Show your love and affection to the special ones in your life with a nice one-off handcrafted Valentine’s Day card.

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Join in a centuries-old tradition to celebrate the day of love and romantic affection. Give the special person in your life a gift of a lovingly handcrafted Valentine’s Day card on February 14th.

We have collected fourteen easy Valentine’s drawings to inspire you when decorating your card for February 14th. From several ways to draw a simple love heart, through a very popular and simple to draw flowers, up to a Valentine teddy bear, we are sure you will find some drawing ideas for a very special one-off Valentine’s Day card.

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Valentine’s Day Drawing Ideas: Love Hearts

Love hearts are the most popular symbol of Valentine’s Day. Here you can choose from several ways to draw a heart, from a simple straight heart to a nice curved one. Once you have mastered drawing the heart, the perfect Valentine’s Day drawing idea is to wrap the heart with a simple wavy banner that will carry the message to your loved one.

How to draw a simple heart

Our first heart is a simple classic heart drawing. This is a simple straight lines version, often used as a heart icon, which makes for a perfect first heart shape to learn to draw.

Let’s draw a simple heart

How to draw a nice curved heart

Here is another way how to draw a heart. We will just curve the pointed end of the heart a bit. Another simple trick is to slightly overlap the starting circles, to make the heart shape pop out to 3D.

Let’s draw a curved heart

How to draw a heart with a banner

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A great way to add a short message to your Valentine’s drawing is to draw a heart with a banner across it. Simply use the wavy banner from our “how to draw a banner” tutorial.

Play with different placements, but running the banner across the heart slightly at an angle seems to work the best, as it nicely matches the shape of the curved love heart skewed to the side.

Draw the heart Draw the banner

How to Draw a Banner

14 Valentine's Day Drawing Ideas for February 14th - Let's Draw That! (9)
14 Valentine's Day Drawing Ideas for February 14th - Let's Draw That! (10)
14 Valentine's Day Drawing Ideas for February 14th - Let's Draw That! (11)

Here is the tutorial with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to draw a banner.

You will find three different banners to choose from: a simple straight banner to get you started, a nice wavy banner for a better look, or an ultimate double banner if you need space for a longer message.

How to draw a banner

How to draw a heart with wings

14 Valentine's Day Drawing Ideas for February 14th - Let's Draw That! (12)

Here is another Valentine’s day drawing idea – add some wings to your love heart.

This flying heart takes its wings from the parrot in our “how to draw a bird” tutorial. Just pick up the parts from that tutorial to draw a lovely pair of wings for your Valentine’s heart drawing. The lettering is optional.

(No birds were harmed in the making of this drawing.)

Draw the heart Draw the wings

Candy Heart Drawing

Here is another popular Valentine’s day drawing idea – conversational candy hearts. The perfect playful way to share affection with friends, loved ones, or that special someone.

This is also a third different way how to draw a heart – you are surely proficient in drawing hearts by now.

Let’s draw candy hearts

Valentine’s Day Drawing Ideas: Flowers

The next great Valentine’s Day drawing idea is adding some flowers to your card. Following are a few different flowers, starting from a simple flower drawing up to an intricately detailed sunflower, plus some nice red tulips to decorate your Valentine’s Day card with.

Simple Flower Drawing

A really simple flower drawing tutorial just in time for Valentine’s Day! Just a few easy steps to draw a beautiful five-petal flower.

Let’s draw a simple flower

How to Draw a Sunflower

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a sunflower. You will learn an easy way how to build the intricately rich pattern of the many sunflower petals in a few simple steps.

Let’s draw a sunflower

How to Draw a Simple Daisy

Our first daisy flower is drawn in a simple front view. We are using some very simple shapes – a circle and “U” lines – to build the flower. We then improve on the simple “U” shaped leaves by adding some zig-zag edges, to finish with an easy yet beautiful daisy drawing.

Let’s draw a simple daisy

How to Draw a Daisy – angled side view

Learn how to draw a simple variation drawing the daisy from an angled side view. As you will see, you can use the same simple shapes to build the flower, only the perspective on the circular shapes is changing.

Let’s draw a daisy

How to Draw a Simple Tulip

Our first tulip drawing is really easy and completed in just a few simple steps. We will be using some very basic and easy-to-draw shapes for the tulip leaves and a flower, yet we will end up with a good-looking tulip drawing with intricately overlapping petals.

Let’s draw a simple tulip

How to Draw a Tulip

For our second tulip drawing, we will use the same technique to draw the petals and leaves, only this time we are drawing some more organic shapes and curves. The result is a beautiful realistic tulip drawing, that is not much harder to draw than the simple version.

Let’s draw a tulip

More Valentine’s Day Drawing Ideas

Here is our final set of Valentine’s drawing ideas. Teddy bears are popular Valentine’s Day gifts – draw the teddy holding a love heart for the classic Valentine’s Day drawing. Finally, we have a lovely present with an awesome red bow that is perfect to decorate some of the other Valentine’s Day drawings on this page.

An Easy Cute Teddy Bear Drawing

Teddy bears are loved and huggable toys, so they make for very popular Valentine’s Day gifts. Learn how to draw a cute and friendly-looking teddy bear.

For the ultimate Valentine’s drawing, draw the teddy bear holding a love heart.

Let’s draw a teddy bear

How to Draw a Present With a Nice Ribbon Bow

Next on our Valentine’s drawing ideas is a simple present. You can use the entire present drawing, or just follow the step-by-step instructions to draw a lovely fancy red bow to add to some other drawings on this page.

A red bow would look beautiful on the heart, any of the flowers, or even on the teddy bear!

Let’s draw a present

Have fun creating a Valentine’s Day card for the special person in your life.

Wishing you lots of love, hugs, and kisses on Valentine’s Day!

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14 Valentine's Day Drawing Ideas for February 14th - Let's Draw That! (2024)
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